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December 24, 2020


Here's my year in review.


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I am surprised that you had enough material this year. :-)


Is there a way to read this without a Miami Herald subscription?

@Sharon, I enter "Dave Barry's Blog" in my browser, then slick on the search result. I don't run into a pay wall -- don't tell the Herald. Dave's Year End Review even manages to make 2020 sound almost as bad as it has been -- 2021 has to be better.

click (those dang 2020 gremlings)

Good idea coscolo - thanks!

Loved MARPRIL and Confucian profundity, among many other great phrases.

So Dave's fantastic column being submitted mid-December is the reason the Great Conjunction was not mentioned. This, of course, is the term for when your chocolate bar gets mixed in my peanut butter.


No, it doesn't work and I am not subscribing to the Miami Herald, thank you very much.

Earlier than I would have expected. What could possibly go wrong during the last week of the year?

In any event, I’ll try to link to it as soon as I can.

Thanks Dave!

Brilliant! Simply brilliant! Thank you, Dave!!!

I think I hurt myself laughing...

Great rehash of the year 2020. The standup philosopher, Comicus, would have been envious. It has all the elements of an updated fun Greek Tragedy. Let's all hope the ringing of the New Year bell isn't announcing act 2.

BTW, here is my nomination for song of the year:


Dave jumped the shark on the outcome of his presidential ambitions, just a bit.

Jeff: for me it wasn't the first link that came up, but it was the first link in the news category. This worked for me with both Safari and Firefox as my browser. I erased all my history before doing this and used a private window. Maybe that will work for you.


Excellent, aight. Overlooked or failed to mention possibly due to the deadline regarding the CA front to deal with the Covid crisis.

Gov Newsom has declared Patricia Krenwinkle to be the only remaining prisoner in the entire CA Penal System. All other inmates were released and given an 'early ticket' for their COVID vac's redeemable at any CVS pharmacy should any remain in existence due to hourly gunpoint takeover robberies and a lack of customers who stay away for fear of their lives.


Since Dave's column is syndicated, other papers will run the column in the coming days. We'll probably be able to see it on one of them.

Right click and go incognito mode. Takes me right in.

Try clearing your browsing history and all cookies.

Click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner of your browser and select incognito tab or mode and then copy & paste the link or simply type "Dave Barry Blog".

Another option is to use the DuckDuckGo web browser that blocks cookies and lets you surf the web anonymously. I read the blog on my smartphone and never have any access problems. Good luck.

A tour de farce, as always. Kudos.

Dave, you might be too early. I hear that a presidential decree will extend year 2020 by 2 additional months, months’ names to be announced lated.

Try this one:


oops, never mind..

senior moment #22423157287648

GREATLY enjoyed your year in review! Hysterical, as always.

Incredible, especially the Marpril part, and the shredding of Governor Cuomo.
Happy Four Seasons!

One symptom of COVID-19 is that you read the Year-in-Review, but cannot see the customary artwork.

Doug in Sacramento

I bought a digital day pass for $0.99.

My favorite line so far:

"are you seriously telling me all this is because somebody ate a freaking bat"

The Miami Herald, like many other newspapers, now limits the number of free articles you can view each month. I believe this is tracked by cookies attached to your web browser.

I have Dave's blog bookmarked on my smartphone and never hit a pay per view firewall. Whenever Dave publishes a column in the Miami Herald, I then can access it without any problem as I have multiple free views since I don't read the Miami Herald on a regular basis. You can also try clearing your web browser history and cookies, utilizing a different computer, smartphone, tablet, browsing in an incognito mode or using a web browser that blocks cookies. I sometimes use a computer at my library to surf the net. Other workarounds can be accessing Dave's columns by using Twitter, Facebook and other media sites that publish his articles via syndication.


Brilliant MARPRIL piece!

@Rod "Since Dave's column is syndicated, other papers will run the column in the coming days."

This is true, but what I've seen is that some papers will severely edit the column for length. Marpril would become an ordinary length sentence.

Unless I'm seeing something different from other people, the Miami Herald doesn't require a SUBSCRIPTION to view the article. It sometimes requires you to create or use a free login.

Good read! :-)

This thread sums up 2020. A whole bunch of folks trying to figure out a way to buck the system and get something for free.

How many times do you see an article in which the writer qotes Dave? I am not sure he has had time to write all of the things now attributed to him, but I on the other hand seem to recall an interview where he worried about the future of newspapers because they were now distributing material on the internet for free where at one time you had to actually pay for the paper. I think the publishers have figured that one out.

Doug in Sacramento

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