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December 24, 2020


Have a Cool Yule, you wonderful blogfolk. May your days be merry and bright. And if you live in South Florida, may the falling lizards not land on your head.


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Backatcha, Big D, & to you & yours, and also the rest of the cocoanut gallery.

Mwah to you and Mrs. Blog. And all my co-bloglits, too!

Back atcha, Dave. You're my daily reminder that... Hm, I come here to be reminded about something. That there are sane, decent, people in the world? No, that can't be it. What was it? I forgot now.

Anyway: best wishes, keep up the good work, even though I can't quite put my finger on what that is.

Merry Christmas from Montana.
Thank you for giving us a reason to smile in 2020.

Merry Festivus and Appropriate Remark to Dave, all the blogfolk, and your families.

Hope you'll have a cool Yule too. When you get up in the morning, make sure you shake the bed sheets in case any elves sneaked in.

Was the week after Christmas
and at the North Pole
all was chaotic
it was no longer cold.

The workshop was flooded,
there was not much to like.
the elves were not happy,
they threatened to strike.

The North Pole was changing,
it was all up for grabs,
the coming replacements
were non-union scabs.

Polar bears were hungry
and were taking no quarter.
Comet and Cupid
were already slaughtered.

The growling of stomachs
for the elves had hit,
they visioned old Rudolph
roasting on a spit.

Six of the elves
had long given up hope,
they were working the rigs
out on the north slope.

Santa and the missus
were already gone,
he’d sold to conglomerate
based in Hong Kong.

They rested in a penthouse
on a roof in Dubai
drinking Margaritas
and waving good-bye.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Dave!
As a Jew, I am currently enjoying Chinese.

Thank you, anthony stewart! :D

And to all, in the immortal words of Three Dog Night...

"Joy to the fishies in the deep blue sea
Joy to you and me!"

A very Merry Christmas and best wishes to Dave, all his family, and everyone of The Blog family with sincere hopes for a much better New Year for y'all.
Going to this blogsite is, to me, like going into Cheers Bar back in the day and having wonderful fun with good friends. Thank you for keeping the good clean humor that we all need so badly in these trying times alive.


Merry Christmas to all.

I second Le Pet's sentiments and sincerely appreciate all the good humor shared by Dave and fellow bloggers. It certainly helps take the edge off a terrible year. May 2021 be filled with good health and cheer for everyone!

Merry Christmas to all from the Best Coast!

Anyone up for some venison?

Merry Christmas to Dave, his family, judi, and all you wonderful BlogFolk. You've all made 2020 survivable. I treasure each and every one of you!

(No Chinese food this year. My Buddhist fiancé and I [secular Jewish] decided to go with pizza.)

🎶Falling lizards
on your head...🎶

can be sung to the tune of
"Tiny Bubbles."

Best Wishes this holiday season with hopes the new year brings the greatest gift, a max Covid Stimulus Package to each of you and your loved ones.

Happy holidays to all!
Here's a look back at Christmas celebration gone wrong.


I’m running a bit late here, though merry Christmas Eve and a merry Christmas Day to you all as well. If you have a Florida driver’s license, we’ve seen you signaling for quite a while now. Go ahead and make that turn into the new year and drive on (responsibly).

May the Fickle Finger of Fate not belong to your Proctoligist.

Merry Christmas Dave and to everyone. It is snowing pretty heavy where I am at.

Merry Christmas Dave, Judy and families. Thanks for the laughs, we sure needed them this year,

Eric and Deb


Merry Christmas to the Blog and Mrs. Blog and family, as well as all here. The frozen iguanas (delicious with salsa!) would have been better off in New York, as we were close to 60 degrees overnight. Granted, that came with torrential rain and 70 mph winds, but better than snow, right?

Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope Santa was better to you than you deserved.

Did Santa bring you a pool noodle hat? Thanks for all the laughs bloggers, Dave and Judi.

Merry Christmas from the middle coast!

Le Petomane Says it for me perfectly. Well done! God bless you all and wishing you health and joy in the new year. Thank you for your blog friendship!
Man Tom... did you get a kitty?

Merry Crisis and a Happy New Fear.

So much for 2020. Good riddance to it, and best wishes to all for a better 2021.

Merry Christmas from the Great White North, eh?

Maryann - no, I would love to, I really would, but it's a challenge to take care of the kitty. I really miss Spunky the Magic Cat, think about her most days and how great of a pet she was. Thank you for asking.
She was just shy of fourteen.

I started to write this in one giant run-on sentence, but I would have practice a lot to make it effective.

We have been busy closing one of the offices since just before the end of October, two months moving. The process required a couple of maintenance men, a moving company, some special equipment, some cursing and two car bumper jacks. I helped a maintenance guy we have known for over 30 years take down a machine, disassemble it and take it down from the wall. Well, actually we cut it to pieces to disassemble it into what turned out to be a truckload of small pieces. We saved a smaller machine that weighed approximately 800 pounds less. In order take down the machine pictured, we got to the wall mount and loosened the bolts that had been there for 31 years and Bert asked me, "how you wanna do this?" Being the skilled computer tech/X-ray tech I am, I said, "just drop it to the floor this way, pointed at my mid section." Bert said, '"that way?" Bert is from the Phillipines and I always listen for him to say, "can I use da doilet." I said yeah, "this way motioning like I would just step aside and let the eight foot monster fall harmlessly to the floor. So Bert pushed and I pulled my way and, barely escaping with my N*ts still attached, the monster came crashing into some other stuff and landed like a plane wreck wedged into the sink and other important office equipment, some of the equipment costing as much as an SL450. I said, 'why didn't you tell me it weighed just a smidge under 900 pounds!" Bert said, "yeah, it probably took four men to put it here." Thinking back, it took six men to put it in when it was new 31 years ago.

Anyway, I brought my bottle jack and a 4 x 4 the next day and Bert brought his garage jack and numerous blocks of lumber and pry tools and we took about two hour to jack the thing up to a level position, a jack on each end, then grabbed a hold of the steel cables which were attached to a weigh inside the thing that weighed every bit of 200 pounds and managed to drag it out of the machine. The weight is the red thing mad of lead and iron with wheels which weighs more than six Oprah's.

A moving company we found through a friend who told us, "He'll move a piano for 75 dollars," moved at some point I believe all nine of our dental chairs. A combined weight of 34 Oprah's. Funny, mrs. man tom called the moving guy and said, "we need some chairs moved and my friend told me you will move a piano for $75, how much will you charge me?" The said, "how much do you want to pay?" Mrs. man tom being a former college professor and coursemaster teaching Dr.'s how to become specialized Dr's. thought quickly, former people like her think really fast, and said, "about $400?" The mover his name was Thanh, pronounced ironically 'Ton", quickly said, "Ok." The guy had the nicest moving van I have ebver seen for a guy named 'Ton'. Mercifully with his help we got the upper hand on moving all the stuff into the other office where we can not due to what Mrs. man tom describes as 'clutter'. No really, I told her get rid of it before I trip and break my neck.

So, we have now finished moving everything and I still have my ****. Final Walk Through is Monday. I think we both have already been caught holding back a few tears. We had that office for 34 years. Our second office is just fine, had that one 16+ years.

This Christmas has been great ,specially dealing with building management (they speak a little English, like "they say, who, a lot?" The phone company, electric company, banks, business contacts, postal service address change (try it, it's comical), and just about anyone who has ever known us. The phone has managed to allow us to transfer our number of 34 years over to a cell phone that, as of a hour ago, can call out and show up as the correct number, but can not receive any calls from anywhere. I sure people are calling us thinking, "man tom doesn't answer, I hope nothing happened to his **** when they were moving."

I am still able to call out. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Yikes! I hope Hollywood has enough skilled expertise to recreate all that carnage for the big screen.

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