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December 30, 2020


Read this first.


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Is Connie Ogle related to Famous Dave? She writes like him.

I thought her article on the Tech Bros was something Dave could have written. I double checked the byline to be sure.

I saw the Toilet Iguanas open for the J. Geils Band.

Steverino, I detected Dave's style here as well.

As far as the veracity of the article, that first part about what happens when the Calis move in is 100% true. Anyone who doubts it only needs to visit Austin for the proof.

Perhaps it's Connie Go Ogle? Yes we con google, no?

Thankfully, we don't have the problem of Big Tech fleeing California settling here in Flathead County. It could be the climate, 9 months of winter followed by 3 months of mosquitos seems to deter some people.

There was a fact finding crew from Silicon Valley visit a while back. They were very interested in seeing our local lake monster. They must have gotten together, because the investigators along with their land Rover disappeared after last being seen driving slow along the lake shore, leaving a trail of empty white wine bottles in their wake.

We would welcome any sane and stable business to call Flathead County home. A good old-fashioned whiskey distillery would be nice or maybe a toothpick manufacturing plant. Come visit, just wear heavy coats and pack mosquito repellent in case a warm spell hits.
And, when the ice breaks, stay off the lake shore, especially at night.

Thanks for the post and I liked this so much. I will share this post with my friends too.

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