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December 28, 2020


After 20 Years, Court Tells Baker to Stop Selling Cookies Made With Sawdust

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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It's a pity that Euell "Many Parts Are Edible" Gibbons cannot appear as an expert witness.

I thought extra fiber was good for you.

Mmmm, fresh from the chocolate chipper.

His Toll House cookies must have termites.

Sawdust is the main ingredient for any food or drugs, for that matter, currently made in China. Since the Wang dynasty. Which was preceded by the Wong dynasty who often, throughout history, sported a lot of wood.

Attention, Mr. Headline Writer: Are you saying this cease order takes effect in the year 2040?

Now with added fiber!

(Seriously, though, wasn't there a "high fiber bread" that used sawdust as an ingredient?)

The unanswered question sees to be...were they any good?

@wanderer - very astute!

I loved the accompanying photo of a chainsaw in action with sawdust flying.
I imagine that is what eating sawdust would do to one's digestive system.

Since it took the German courts 20 years to take notice and proclaim sawdust is unfit for human consumption, one could surmise that the courts are a bit slow moving .. erm, constipated.

Lots of foods use cellulose fiber, which is FDA approved. It is not supposed to be the same as sawdust.

Keep the sawdust where it belongs, holding the salt in the pringles together

Now we know the sad ending of Kah-Liga the poor old wooden head cigar store Indian that Hank Williams sung about.

And possibly the beginning of The Cookie Monster?

This is still 2020 when anything can happen--and too often does.



Thank yew for logging in with that 1985 article but pulp in bread wooden be very poplar today. I'm sycamore food additives that put us in grove danger, oakay. We appreciate you contributing to this die-a-log.

@pharmaross - that was quite a bark, sir.

.. and you should tree-t your fellow blogits with respect, leaf turning arguments to a non-humor blog before some ill befall you.

@pharmaross - I wooden think that such remarks were of your timber.

Does this mean no more Chips Ahoy?

I meant timbre

*CORK* at Le Petomane.

So... No more Captain's Log.

Margaret, the log lady from Twin Peaks, would remind you that her log does not judge.

@MOTW---Condolences on the death of your parrot.

Gratuitous technical info: A properly used chainsaw does not produce sawdust; it produces wood chips.

pogo--The key phrase is, "properly used chainsaw." Emergency rooms in most states have records to prove many people don't have a good understanding of the word. "properly."

Anyone else see the irony in agreeing to accept cookies to see a story about cookies with sawdust?...

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