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December 29, 2020


I hadn’t thought about this for many years, but a friend of mine posted something of yours this week. And it made me think of the time I was on the front page of the newspaper, with you signing your autograph to my son’s leg cast in 1986. I still have the leg cast, by the way, not to mention the clipping from the Spokane newspaper. You autographed my copy of Babies and Other Hazards of Sex. Still have that too. Good times! -- -- Sue Harwood

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Hopefully the child decides to wash his leg by the time He turns 40?

Thank you and please stay seated.

Spokanites? I always thought they were call Spokespeople. They seemed to get a lot of jobs in governments, because they were all good liars.

Does a Spokanite stick tight or might it be struck by a falling something-or-other?

Are we sure that's the right picture. Because for a minute I thought it was Barry Manilow.

Just kidding! (not really)

It would be nice, but it's not worth breaking a leg over.

The "Bog" was eleven ? They grow up so fast....

Are we sure it's not Spokanauts, cuz Spokane is almost like another Uranus.

*SMACKS* Jeff Meyerson because Dave is too nice to do it.
That's a great picture and Dave, you haven't changed a bit.
My goodness, look at the time! I'm going to be late for my eye appointment.

I've met his Daveness on a couple of occasions and it p1sses me off that he is a full eleven years older than me, but looks ten years younger than me. Must be the Florida sunshine. Or beer. I don't drink beer.

Uh on... The blog is approaching puberty.

Wow... remember when people gathered inside libraries? Those were the days...

Is it me or is that a miraculous apparition of Lenny Bruce on the endcap of the library shelf behind the celebrity? And they say there are no modern-day miracles.

Dave, that baby is now the same age you were in that picture!

Doing a signing for Spockanites was a huge accomplishment in 1986 when the species was just becoming accepted on planet Earth. This was a wonderful thing to improve interstellar relations when we discovered humor was needed and appreciated by all sentient species.


Sentient Species opened for The Who in '74. Helluva show.

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