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December 23, 2020


Octopuses filmed punching fish in the Red Sea

(Thanks to Roberto, Alkali Bill and his amazing partner Deb)


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So the theory is that the octopuses punch fish out of spite, but scientists say they need to do more research to find the actual reason.

Send that scientific publicist to Washington if that is the best they can come up with.

I blame warming sea temperatures that mimic menopausal hot flashes b/c that'd make anyone cranky. (or so I've heard)

Some believe Trump is dialing in on the octopus.

IT'S OCTOPI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe the fish was an a**hole.

The octopus finally got fed up with those fish that kept pestering it to become a Witness. It had told them several times it never saw the accident.

Ron Wylie: "Octopus" derives from Greek, so you could use oktṓpodes for the plural, but not the Latin octopi. They'll punch you if you do.

A true sucker punch.

@Clankie---A 5* Snork! Well done.

Reminds me of that opossum that pushed that skunk into a pond this year. The one in that trail cam contest

"Get off of my, er, lawn!"

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