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November 23, 2020


The secret social lives of giant poisonous rats

(Thanks to Dave Emery and Ralph)


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"...and I'll never forget Susan's last words: 'Here, kitty, kitty...'"

If Africa and Australia could play poker it would be like: "I see your poisonous egg laying platypus and raise with a family of giant poisonous rats."

the rabbit-sized rodent resembles a gray puffball crossed with a skunk...

Oh, come on man. Who's that laughing?

I identify as non-poisonous.

What ? Another article about Hollywood after awards parties ?!

Watch what happen when this rat mates with a squirrel. You won't be laughing then.

I believe Sherlock Holmes once had a dustup with a Giant Rat of Sumatra. Happily, it must not have also been a poisonous (or venomous...Ralph?) rat.
However, when these things migrate to New York and Florida and move Westward...well,then the squirrels may not seem like such a problem.

Le Pet, poisonous means something you've obtained, usually by ingesting or touching the substance (think oleander or arrow poison frog).

Venomous means it's delivered to you (think rattlesnake or murder hornet).

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