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November 17, 2020


Gulls Work Out The Timing of School Lunch Breaks So They Can Steal Food

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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School lunch food is so much healthier now, so the gulls have that going for them.

Clankie, when I lived in Galveston in the 1980s, ornithologists were asking people not to throw Doritos to the gulls, because all the junk food was giving them cancer.

I was tempted to buy a truckload of Doritos after learning that. Way too many times was I the victim of a bomb drop when riding my bike on the seawall.

I am a substitute teacher in California. The same thing happens here. The gulls gather and right after the kids go inside (in the before time), they swoop in and pick at all the trash in the ground and in the cans during nutrition and both lunches!

If you want to do something exciting on Miami Beach, go out to the beach with a loaf of bread and toss pieces of the bread into the air.

Which is another mystery. Where do the gulls go at night? The beach is empty of them.

Who knew gulls were just flying squirrels in disguise?

And still the Miami Beach vacationers complain as the gulls provide them with free sun-screen as they lay on the lounges.

Right after a Cubs baseball game, gulls flock to the stands looking for food.

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