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November 19, 2020


...they probably do not mean this.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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He's soon to be released once his lawyer gets him off on a knot hole.

I suppose we're all wondering what the Lorax has to say about this.

From now on his moniker will be, "Woody."

If I had an acorn for every time I did that. . .

Mother Nature is not amused.

Was it a palm tree?

If he had tried raping a bee tree...Let's just say, he wouldn't try that again.

He's lucky - squirrels are out gathering nuts at this time of year.

Appropriately enough, before seeing anything else at that page, I first caught the word "naugatuck" in the URL and misread it as "nutsack."

*SNORK* @ everyone

Euell Gibbons never did anything like this. I also don't think this is what Bob Ross was talking about when he mentioned happy little trees.
I'll just see myself to the Geezer bus.

Dude, that is not what they meant by "tree hugger."

It doesn't say what sort of tree. The bark on some could leave him a bit sore.

He's lucky he didn't run into an angry Nauga. You know, the animals they make Naugahyde out of...

(This joke is in memory of Don Imus, who used to joke about Naugas [You know how many Naugas were killed to make that seat cover?])

The love that dare not speak its name.

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