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November 19, 2020


Indian dung festival celebrates end to Diwali

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Herd immunity and the Festival of Light at their finest.

Saving my recognition of dung for New Year's Eve, when I say good bye to 2020.

Cow dung is just like tomatoes, yes indeedy.

In India, people seem to enjoy a dung slinging festival. Over here we call it Congress is in session and it is much, much less enjoyable.

Fact: Women and girls take cover, but they risk "shrapnel wounds" when they try to record the revelry on their mobile phones.

Fact: Shortly after being hit with molded and tossed handfuls of dung and 'shrapnel,' Belinda Carlisle set out on her quest to form the G-Go's.

Most people just put it on their tomatoes & strawberries.

They still have cow chip throwing contests at the Iowa State Fair. Well-dried cow chips, but still.

Nature's frisbees...

And somehow this has survived to be the oldest civilization on earth?

We’ve been lectured about how all cultures are equal in worth and dignity. We’ve been scolded about how arrogant, materialistic Europeans need to learn from the world’s financially poor — but spiritually rich — countries.

But, damn, it’s hard not to feel a little superior sometimes.

Dong Fing flings a great dung
Fing has flung dung many a year
Causing dung dodgers tears and fear
Dong Fing is a champion flinger of cow dung

Dong Fing is in love with Kow Patti
He takes her to all of the big dung flings
Kow Patti loves how Dong flings dung
But secretly Kow Patti longs for a steak

Its been too long since I've attended a dung festival. Far too long.

Another great idea for "Burning Man", amirite?

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