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November 20, 2020


Canadian officials urge motorists not to let moose lick their cars

(Thanks to Ralph)


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What about snowmobiles?

How does one politely tell a 1,000 pound moose not to lick your car (and live to tell about it)

Is this some PETA plan to moderate Moose salt intake.

Isn't a "Canadian Carwash" something similar involving a hooker from Quebec?

Wouldn't beeping your horn at the moose, while it's licking your car, just make it mad?

But can I lick a moose? Or carve my sister’s initials on it?

Years ago I hit a moose (lightly) on it's butt when I slid into the beast that was walking on a snow covered highway in British Columbia. That moose turned and proceeded to nearly destroy my rented car before snorting one last time and heading off down a hillside.

A very nice Mountie showed up, got out of his cruiser, and said with a smile, "Looks like you've had a dust-up with one of our moose, eh Yank?"
I was amazed when he called a tow truck and drove me several miles to the motel where I was staying with other mining company personnel. I learned that Mounties can be very nice and to never, ever, mess with a moose.

If a moose wanted to lick salt off my car, I'd be happy to do nothing but watch it lick away. I really don't think getting out, waving your arms while yelling,"Shoo moose!" would be a good move.

Q: How do you stop a charging moose?

A: Take away it's credit card.

If a moose is licking your car, DO NOT, under any circumstances, roll down the window on your sister's side of the car.

The moose might bite her.

At least the moose are smart enough to be addicted to something cheap.

About 15 years ago, a cow moose and calf came into my yard. The cow licked the salt from my parked Toyota Previa just outside a window, but junior didn't think minivans were cool and ignored it.

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