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November 08, 2020


Cyborg cockroaches are designed to complete tasks inside your HOME

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Unless they spray each other with cans of Raid I'm not interested.

Sounds like somebody needs to lay off the consumption of uncooked fish.

FOR $1,000 Q) Whos is Alex Trebek? A) Jeopardy host who passed this day.

Hard pass.

At least they're not palmetto bugs.

I believe my cat would enjoy chasing them down and whacking their little motors out of them.

Just NO.

This story is thoroughly repulsive, but there are worse ideas out there. At least this article doesn’t yammer on about how all of us will soon be chowing down on bugs because they are the protein source of the future.

What about cyber ants to clean floors and cyber flies to clean top of cupboards, and a cyber bloodhound to find my remote control?

It's all big fun until the squirrels figure out how to hack into them.

'However, unlike other swarms of cyborg cockroaches..'

there's other swarms of cyborg cockroaches? where are they????

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