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November 25, 2020


Stay on land.

(Thanks to John Lobert and pharmaross)


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Hammerhead sharks can hear human heartbeats from over a mile away, and have specialized sensory organs to detect the electrical fields of their prey, usually sting rays. They know the difference. There have been no recorded human deaths from Hammerheads in over 400 years and very few unprovoked attacks.

However, on land there are loan sharks, lawyers, and Florida drivers, among other predators.

So you're saying that, that swimmer won't get nailed by a shark?

cfjk, the shark did have every opportunity to attack, yet didn't. Hammers typically don't eat mammals, so aren't going to have much interest in one even if it's available. They're actually more likely to eat each other than us.

Thank you for the information Rod. I'm still not going to swim with them.

It's always something. Here in the Southwest we have swimming rattlesnakes to watch for in the water and flying chupacabras to keep an eye out for in the sky.
Oh, and the all too common alien abductions, venomous Gila monsters,scorpions, huge desert centipedes, etc.

But all of these are rather rare problems. Nothing to worry about--trust me.

So, not unlike humans, they're always trying to either eat or nail each other.

Speaking of sea creatures, here's a noteworthy interview with Dave regarding his helping hand in spreading the news about the infamous exploding Oregon whale that went viral globally...


Le Pet, I've seen plenty of swimming rattlers. People don't realize that just about any snake can swim.


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