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November 29, 2020


Mike Tyson says psychedelic drug inspired his return to boxing

(Thanks to man Tom)


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Toad Venom: The newest metal band.


A bowl of Wheaties covered with toad venom infused milk. The new 2020 breakfast of champions.

This is news? I thought psychedelic drugs were the cause of pretty much every decision he's ever made.

The librarian at our high school library known as the Beaver Shot Palace was named Toad.

man tom---I once again say you should write your memoirs. The book would sell well and the movie would be a hit.

Next on your psychedelic hit parade: Ten rounds of Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf vs Julia child.


Once while spending the night on the banks of The Big Muddy River in hopes of catching a Dog Fish, the mosquitos left whelps the size of distant planets all over my body. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of these itchy galactical mosquito bite monstrosities developed, some I could readily reach some not, while laying in the mud waiting for a bite enjoying the onset of what was sure to be malaria. I was on the verge of scratchful dying sleep when a Frog crawled up my shirtsleeve and managed to slide down my back when I stood up to remove what I was sure was a water moccasin slithering up my arm and down my back. It was then I decided fishing for dogfish was not my destiny. My lifelong pursuit of Katy Perry and the subsequent litany was on. I had found god. Then I realized god was there all the time - Dawn Wells.

@man tom - was that Dawn Wells or Ellie Mae?

@MOTW - Believe it or not, I once had a girlfriend named Bobbie Sue Clampett.

Man Tom: Didn't Bobbie Sue take the money and run?

PB - You must have a crystal ball. YES SHE DID!

The chapter of my memoirs regarding time spent with Bobbi Sue can be summed up here.

I was thinking it was Bobbi Sue, but if my memory serves me correct it was Mary Cannon. No relation to the William Conrad. We were grazing in the grass after midnight at a friend of mines property next to his lake. Pitch dark, save the moonlight glistening off the water. Just the two of and good things were happening. Then there was a noise. A pause and turn and look behind and there stood a couple of kids from a nearby house. All I heard was, "gaw'd...did you see that that!"

So a couple of weeks later Mary told me she got back with some guy she knew in the Army. Word must have got around town with those kids seeing us that night. The town had a population of 17. I knew everyone. No one was in the army.

I may have a chapter on my time spent with the topless dancer and her sidekick Rocky Pigg who tried to seduce me and because I'm an idiot! I turned her away. Rocky Pigg was hot too.

If The Blog wants to chime in here and reveal some of his time spent with topless dancers...you can go ahead. There are no kids around here.


Mike Tyson comeback ends in a draw ...

Tyson should listen to "Lando" (Peter Griffin):


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