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November 18, 2020


Man wanted in $35M Ponzi scheme tries to flee FBI on underwater sea scooter

(Thanks to many people)


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Piercey told investigators that he was simply re- baptizing himself before repenting of his sins and telling his fellow parishioners that every dime of the "donations" they made to his personal church trust were used to fund orphanages for crippled children in Venezuela.

The investigators were said to have had a lot of enjoyment listening to has futile rantings and told him he will have several years to edit his story.

...and it would have worked too, if not for those pesky kids.

I would never pay $35M for a Ponzi.

Lloyd Bridges made this look a lot easier on Sea Hunt.

He'd know that wouldn't work if he'd ever seen "Thunderball".

I actually had a couple of these things once. Funny thing is that because of all the plastic in them, and the air in the batter compartment, you have to put rocks in it, otherwise it'll float.

Causes me to believe a bunch of lucky people who need people submitted this story. Oh, almost forgot...paging B.S.

Should have borrowed James Bond's Lotus Esprit S1.

Matthew Piercey ==>
Trim Pewee Yacht
Earthy Mice Wept
Wimpy Ace Tether
Try machete wipe
Cheater yet wimp
'Race me, twit' hype
Type Harem Twice .. Type Harem Twice -rimshot-
Wet Therapy Mice WBAGNFARB

.. and a few more ..

Hi. Tweet My Caper
Meet Whitey Crap
Team with Creepy

@MOTW - Always love your anagrams!

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