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November 28, 2020


Earth is 2,000 light years closer to supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy than we thought

(Thanks to vee)


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Is there anything out there this year that doesn't suck?

Black holes suck!

If blackholes are black because light can't travel away from them then doesn't that make the speed of light irrelevant if not a negative number?

The Roswell, NM, space aliens tell us it's no problem: It gives them better and faster subspace TV and Internet service.


CNN went with "2000 light-years closer" because it sounds a lot scarier than "seven percent closer." That's the actual story here: the new estimate of the distance is 93% of the old one.

That'll save on cab fare.

CNN also rounded up to get a scarier round number instead of the actual 1900 light years.


Now how many parsecs will the Kessel Run take?

It’s swirling clockwise so we’re in the northern hemisphere of the universe.

So should I make my next rent payment or not??? So much for "practical" science!

Doomed!! We're all Doomed!!

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