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November 25, 2020


Dog-Sized Lizards Are Spreading Across Southern United States

(Thanks to John W. and Le Petomane)


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LOUSes? I don't think they exist.

Do they come in a party-size bag?

Inquiring minds want to know:
Are they venomous?
Do they eat squirrels?
Can you put a leash on them and walk them in a park?
Would they make a good present for mother-in- laws?
Are they allowed to be therapy animals on airlines?
Do they chase cats?

Shoddy reporting is becoming far too common.

On he plus side, they taste like chicken

Le Petomane:
1) No
2) Yes, if they can catch them
3) With difficulty, if the park allows it
4) It depends on whether the MIL can care for reptiles
5) No
6) Not very far, but they can lunge at stupid ones

Google "tegu for sale" if you want any.

Dog-sized is pretty indefinite. Are we talking chihuahua or great dane ? If the latter, yikes !

Texas hunters are wondering if they're any good to eat. Not that it's going to stop anybody from blasting them even if they're not.

I saw Dog-Sized Lizards open for Bow Wow Wow back in the 80's. Flea did a guest spot, on Spot. It was spot on!

They grow up to four feet. How do the ones with only two or three get around?

Wildlife officials aren't sure what to do with the ones they've captured? The lizard aren't native, and they are threat to native species -- you kill them!

Do they eat feral hogs, or do feral hogs eat them? What about Burmee pythons? Sounds like another problem invasive species running amok.


Pharaross's link as (wait for it!) a link.

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