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November 29, 2020


Man goes to cemetery for date, gets shot at

Note that this blog, in accordance with our strict policy, is not making fun of anybody’s name.

(Thanks to Jane Linderman)


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Um, why did he get out and run through the woods rather than just, oh, I don't know, staying in his car and driving away real fast?

Inquiring minds etc.

McJunkin should have hid in the trunkin.

Perhaps he had heard that no survivors of a recent plane crash were buried there and just wanted to see for himself.

A friend gave me this "pro tip":

If your Tinder date suggests meeting at the cemetery, (1) It ain't no date, (2) she ain't gonna show up, and (3) she probably ain't a she.

So be warned!


Isn't that the cemetery where they buried the terrorists John McClane killed at Nakatomi Plaza?

When a text first date from an Internet site says: "Meet me at the cemetery at midnight." The possibility of it being a set-up really should cross your mind. Luckily, this dude got McJunkin instead of Leatherface.

Other than that how did his date go?

Sent his sister to get the car?

To answer Jeff's first question: the radio was streaming theme music from horror movies, so exiting the vehicle and running away seemed the appropriate thing to do.
I'd wager he was screaming, too.

@655321 - Do. Not. Mess. With. Them.

The most important question: Will she call up Mr. McJunkin and apologize for missing the date to do her car not starting? And, if so, will there be a second try for a date, or just a parole date?

^Due to. Sorry, I was under the influence of chocolate as I wrote that.

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