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November 20, 2020


14-year-old driver hits 125 mph while trying to evade state trooper on I-680 in Omaha

(Thanks to Steve Bradford)


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I'd be more impressed if he was on a skateboard.

Paging Tracy Chapman.

The kid was temporarily insane from being in home lockdown too long and watching his dad's copy of Thunder Road. He would have shown promise as a moonshine runner, however.

@man tom - Excellent choice! I love that album.

Mrs. man tom asked that I dial in some radio station like Kluv or something because they were playing Christmas songs which make the office more Christmassy.


They'll go down in history as the worst of worst human's to ever utter a note.

Has anyone else heard the latest 'popular' versions of Christmas music? You'd think Rudolph was a guy living in his parents basement with problems with his frontal lobe.

Pa rum pum pum pum Ef you I'm crazy as a guy who hung himself in a pear tree.

You'd think that here in Japan we'd be immune to Christmas muzak. Sadly, that is not the case. If I have to hear Slim Whitman mutilating Joy to the World with his hackneyed little trill one more time, I will be tempted to join Mr. and Mrs. man tom in their pear tree.

On the bright side, they used to play John Lennon's And So This Is Christmas on our little shopping street in Tokyo. And when I was in the hospital over Christmas one year, the student nurses came through the halls with lighted candles on Christmas Eve, singing Silent Night in Japanese. It was the next best thing to angels.

If you look closely, the station is your official holiday music station. Choke me, Ok.

Some other samples of official holiday music.

I swear they play this song. All the time!!!!!!

Rudolph. NO. Josh. People feel the holiday cheer.

The A Strings. Huh?

This is only a small sampling of the crapola this station plays all day. We are now listening to this channel in the office all day. Puts me in the Christmas spirit and also makes me want to jump though a window and deeply cut myself. I was once picked up by a 425 pound bouncer and tossed out the front door and landed flat on a gravel parking lot. And that hurt less than listening to this all day. The people of Los Angeles radio have gone completely nuts. I mean who do you hire to think up this stuff and pass it off as, your official holiday music station. These people are insane.

Thurl Ravenscroft, my Christmas cheer song idol singer.

Thurl is short for Thoroughly an idiot.

I believe Thurl just texted me asking if I would let Bud Light put a sticker on my car or motorcycle.

Don't miss Josh Groban, celebrate me home. Puts you in the spirit.

Here is a song they play constantly, I have nightmares about the Grinch in the other song waking up to the earworm.

The station actually plays this, I mean the station passes this off as holiday music.

One of the comments:

Let's pray for those who are still searching for this masterpiece.
Took me 3 years to find this.

If they are playing Slim Whitman in Japan, this confirms my suspicion that 8-tracks are poised for a comeback.

That's pretty much normal left lane speed on I-95 these days.

Mad Hatter, I get stabby when I hear "Rocking Around The Christmas Tree" as sung by Brenda Lee.

Dave, as you can see, it is high time for a Christmas version of your Book of Bad Songs. I believe you have several chapters' worth right here. ^5 to everyone!

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