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November 23, 2020


It's a helluva town.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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" with bouncers standing outside "

Sounds like there were some bouncers inside as well.

Well, shoot, I guess I've been going about this all wrong. All the time I've spent socializing in Astoria has been at a venue that features educational sessions, comedy, games, book sales, and movie riffing, and not during a pandemic. But, like the Caligula Club, its name also comes from ancient Rome, so that makes it an orgy hotspot too, right?

There is not enough disinfectant in the entire city to clean that place. Burn everything!

Something has to kill you, nobody gets out of here alive, so might as well have some fun.

No a lot you can anagram from this, but I still giggled out loud on a couple.

Roy Bacoy ==>
Yo, car boy
Ay cry boo
By yo orca

NY is apparently a lot like the hallway outside our office door. Need I say I called police yesterday to remove a woman laying on top of a man. 30 feet from my door! Hello.

Lung-busting Lust opened for Air Supply.

C'mon, man!

You can definitely make it there.

"Risky pandemic hookups"? I'm thinking the pandemic is the least of what makes these hookups risky.

I'm with Jeff M on this. I hope to God they pay the janitor a good wage.

I'm shocked that the owners even know who Caligula was!

Caligula? Who is that? I couldn’t read this link. I thought this blog was rated PG.

$30 for ten minutes? Whatever happened to rent controls?

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