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November 22, 2020


A species of snake has become so invasive that officials in Florida are considering issuing an advisory on how to eat them, despite the fact they're loaded with mercury.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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This is why we need to get the gators off the golf courses and back to eating snakes like they're supposed to .

Mercury consumption, of course, is associated with insanity. Seems like gilding the lily for Florida.

A little mercury shouldn't be a problem nowadays. They used mercury in hat making years ago that led to the term "Mad as a hatter." As crazy as the world has become who would notice?

No one would notice if Florida is more crazy.

Anyway, it's Sirloin Snake.

@ Le Petomane - Despite my moniker, I attribute my own madness to my amalgam fillings and the over-consumption of sushi. :D

Is mercury addictive, cuz that would be SO Florida 2020.

@ Mad Hatter--No matter the cause, just enjoy it. Sanity is very much overrated.

"Every great genius has an admixture of madness."

Back in the day, our family dentist would let us bring the mercury squeezed out of our many amalgam fillings home in little paper cups. It was fun watching the droplets roll around until it evaporated or something. Today a single drop of mercury causes building evacuations and a full hazmat response. Somehow we're still here. Back to the geezer bus.

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