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November 17, 2020


New Hampshire authorities seize alligator from home

(Thanks to MOTW)


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The officers seized an American alligator and an opossum from the home.

A women, later identified as Irene Ryan, was arrested near the cement pond for what New Hampshire authorities described as concocting 'some sort of opossum stew' for a man she called a double naught spy who is considered 'a moron' and still on the loose.

Thought this might refer to an old episode of "Northwoods Law" where alligators were confiscated from someone who had posted photos on social media. However, this arrest is current since the game warden is masked. I think the alligator and opossum may be considered "rescued" since they did not wind up in recipes.

Nice to see the game warden was wearing a mask, so as not to give Covid to the gator. Very considerate.

Carpe alligatoridae

And she fed the New Hamsters to the alligator.

@coscolo: Or shoes.

They should have brought the alligator to the nearest golf course.

That gator's the size of an iguana.

The game warden made plans for a nice alligator wallet and possibly a pair of matching shoes. The opossum was taken to a veterinarian clinic due to the fact it hadn't moved since they found it. After a day or so it was determined the animal wasn't 'playing possum' or simply resting, the veterinarian making the diagnosis due to tire tracks across the carcass. Police returned to expired critter to it's owner. Thus enabling her to complete her stew as it wasn't illegal to possess roadkill.

Nothing sadder than a homeless alligator, I give it two weeks tops before he ends up living on the streets of Manhattan. The authorities know no bounds.

It was legal to possess alligators/crocodilians without a permit in NH until the 1990's. The rules were changed. I assume this was because someone realized this was either a bad idea, or that with climate change, they might survive our winters. However, Burmese Pythons and large lizards are still unrestricted here.

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