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November 25, 2020


Chinese residents are terrified to discover their tap water can be set on fire after 'natural gas was leaked into groundwater'

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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I think the Cuyahoga River used to catch fire every so often, though I’m not aware of anyone being able to turn on a faucet to light their cigarette.

Would you like some tea– oh, it's ready.

Free heat, until the water dept. billing section gets wind of this.

There was a popular saying in the 1930's:

"Now we're cooking with gas."

It seems now some Chinese are literally doing this.

It's haut. Weary, weary haut.

You have to go to the liquor store and pay for fire water over here.

And that is how Fireball got its name. One shot at night and you sleep like a baby.

The Chinese burning tap water problem is nothing to compare to back in 1971 when the San Angelo, Texas, O.C. Fisher reservoir caught fire and won the Fickle Finger of Fate Award from Rowan and Martin's Laugh In.

I suppose people had a better sense of humor back then.
Today and age, a lake catching fire would be a Hazmat problem instead of an embarrassment.

People in some outlying areas around DFW have had this happen to them, too. Rural folks using well water have had natural gas get in them as a result of nearly fracking and drilling.

Good base stock for Hot and Very Sour soup.



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