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November 19, 2020


Nigella Lawson butters her toast twice, and Britain is really angry about it

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Nigella can butter my toast as often as she likes.

Does internet content have to have a comment section?

Buttering your toast twice is NOT a hanging offense in Texas.

Reminds me of the great Hungarian mathematician Erdos who remarked to a fellow mathematician : "I buttered my toast today, and it wasn't hard." Apparently his mother had been doing it for him up to that point and he wasn't sure how.

That terrorist b@stard!

"Nigella shows the nation how to butter toast ... 5 minutes I will never get back," one angry viewer wrote on Twitter.

The hours I'm sure he/she spent posting to Twitter and then monitoring "likes" and retweets is even more time he/she will never get back.

I’m in favor of fabulous crumpety bites, or I would be if I knew what a crumpet is.

Salting one’s toast, though, is something only a foreigner would do.

^5 wanderer

Nigella who? Somehow she has created a churn.

I'll be impressed when she can show us how to butter it AND drop it so it lands buttered side up.

Rod--I think most of us on this blog would like to know how to drop a slice of buttered toast or bread and have it land butter side up. I can't recall any time this has ever happened to anyone. It might be a quantum theory type thing. You know, the time, trans-dimensional warp equation that gave Einstein a headache whenever he tried to figure it out.

Butter both sides....then it will always land butter-side-up.

Penrod, "I’m in favor of fabulous crumpety bites, or I would be if I knew what a crumpet is." You'd probably be even more in favour if you knew that in England "crumpet" has another meaning, similar to "pussy".
Nigella Lawson is the daughter of Nigel Lawson, who was Margaret Thatcher's Chancellor of the Exchequer (similar to Treasury Secretary), a big, portly man (5'10, 238 lb), so it's amazing that Nigella isn't big and portly herself, if she eats so much butter. I've just made her recipe for Salt and Vinegar Potatoes, and it came out delicious!

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