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November 23, 2020


A retired man leapt into a pond and wrestled his puppy from the jaws of an alligator, and the dramatic incident was captured on camera

(Thanks to Barry Nester, Kevin Smith, Peter Metrinko and Stan Ruth)


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The way things are going these days, I'm surprised the alligator just didn't spit out the snack sized puppy and go for the full meal deal.

The alligator probably took one look at that old fogey with the stogie and thought "I really hate anything with a smokey flavor". So not only did he save the pup but he never lost the stogie.

Cavalier King Charles spaniels are wonderful dogs, whereas pond alligators generally don’t make great pets. Glad to see the guy was able to save the dog. Hopefully its disposition won’t radically change.

I don't live in Florida, and even I know that you don't let small dogs off-leash near any body of water that isn't a swimming pool.

Richard Wilbanks ==>
Back drain whirls
Crab kinda whirls
Brackish ran wild

Like when Kanye took the mic away from Taylor, only with water.

@MOTW - This afternoon I will be doing a diagnostic workup on Chhany Chhit.

Please. See what you can do with her name.

@man tom: there is only one anagram

How many points for scrabble?

Chhany Chhit ==>
Hah, thy chinch

A few other names I have run across,


Sindy Hor

First name: Bich

Last name: Phuock





If Chhany Chhit was elevated to pope, she would not only be the first woman pope, she would also be Holy Chhit

^5 to Le Pet

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