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November 30, 2020


A PENNILESS fisherman has stumbled on possibly the world's biggest blob of rare whale vomit - worth an astonishing £2.4million.

(Thanks to Doug Ogg)


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Whale Vomit toured with Moby

I KNEW I should've kept that stuff !!!

Local officials ought to consult with an appraiser the next time a fatberg is found in a sewer system.

I hate that I've been wasting so much time in the stock market. Somehow this niche market hadn't occurred to me before.

One wonders how this stuff was found to be so useful...

@John: Indeed, the discovery of ambergris and its properties has been closely guarded for so many centuries that no one knows.
According to Wikipedia: The knowledge of ambergris and how it is produced may have been a kept secret. Ibn Battuta (13024-1368) wrote about ambergris, "I sent along with them all the things that I valued and the gems and ambergris..."

^ 1304

@YFNRW - do you know any info regarding market for cat vomit? Can we, my cat and me, become millionairs soon?

Where is he gonna put all those pennies?

I won't be here for the next week or so. I wear Chanel No.5 so there's a very good possibility that I'll be in the shower.

Can whales in Vegas use it to pay their gambling debts?

@QAZ: alas felis catus vomitus is far too common and has no monetary value. However, it is said that house cats tend to brag on the volume, placement, and odeur to one another. More curious is that cat owners will also brag about the same thing on their social media.

I sometimes wail when I poo, any takers?

@YFNRW: My Josephine had a black belt in felis catus vomitus including on the head of my former fiancee. Gee, I miss Josephine.

From one theory:
"Ambergris forms in the intestines and passes along with fecal matter, forming an obstruction in the rectum."

If this is correct, Chanel No 5 is partly made up of whale poop. So speculation in ambergris futures could be another crappy investment.

Has anyone looked for leftovers from the exploded whale in Oregon?

I had no idea whale vomit was so valuable. I just assumed it was what people used for making tartar sauce.

So Ahab had a $ reason for going after the Great White Whale.

I believe I have the essence of this story straight.

Essence of Suwannasang.

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