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November 22, 2020


Colorado residents waited up to 14 hours to get their hands on In-N-Out burgers and fries after the California chain opened two locations in the state Friday.

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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We were in Arizona a few years ago and cousins insisted we try the "fabulous" In-N-Out Burger. We did, and our reaction was, "Meh."

So, yeah, stupid.

A *laugh* for certain. in-N-out like .7 miles down the street from me for 35 years. I've been there once. I have not been to Carl's Jr. in over 30 years because I can't stand their dumb commercials. Don't mess with me. I know some women.


An IN&OUT add featuring Charlotte McKinney would be worth waiting in line to see.

From Aurora, Colorado, to California is likely less than a 14 hour drive. Therefore, the last dude in line could have driven to California, faster to get what must be (I've never had one) a Holy In-N-Out Hamburger. But people, it may be a good hamburger, but it's still just a hamburger.

The psychological side effects of 2020 are expanding exponentially.

A year ago, a Chick-fil-a opened in our town. Every time I drive past it, there are at least ten cars waiting in line. Every time.

Sometimes I think they line up on Sunday just so they can be first when it opens on Monday.

2 fights in a Colorado queue? Apparently legal pot does not guarantee a mellow population.

That's 13-1/2 hours longer than those burgers will take to find the way out.

My little town is getting it's first Popeye's Chicken and I can't wait to see a video here of me throwing punches because they've run out of chicken sandwiches!

nursecindy--I would suggest that N.C. might legalize pot before Popeye's gets built to help sooth the nerves, but after seeing what legal pot has done in my home state of Colorado, just throw the first punch and get that sandwich!

F*ck it, let's go bowling.

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