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November 17, 2020


Jade Thirlwall claims eating pork tsp has left her buttocks larger

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Does anyone know where to get the English translation version of this article?

The Math:

She sounds like Norm Crosby.

Editing by Acme Obfuscation, Inc.

Jade who?
I think Neil Diamond said it best.
I ate too much,
I can't sit anywhere.
Not on my sofa or even my chair.

I'll be here all week.

Jade Who indeed, as nursecindy said. And what, pray tell, is "pork tsp"? Surely "tsp" = teaspoon. Pork teaspoon? Huh?

Also, sign me up for the English translation.

Jade Who?

Anyway, I'm assuming her butt power times brain power equals a constant.

She's a singer for a useless (read: talentless) British girl group called Little Mix. Not "Small" Mix, as the article states.

And what did she think would happen if all she did was sit around and eat?

1. Nursecindy, that was beautiful.
2. I read it, got a coffee, read it again. Didn't help.

This article reads like it was run through multiple internet translators: perhaps, English to Hindi to Chinese to English. Of course, translators can’t be blamed for the phenomenon of “ rubbish in, rubbish out.”

Site blocked for "suspicious or malicious" content.

Found this link instead. It says pork pot pies, not tsp.
Her vapid bovine expression reflects the reason for such lackluster quotes.

nursecindy, bravo. I add:

Pork Pies! I cried.
Pork Pies, said I.
I like mine tossed and deep in fat fried
Leavin' me oh so ill . . .

Pop Singer.

Fortunately, there were no pictures.

I seem to remember back some maybe 50 years ago the term, lard ass, being tossed around a lot.

Baby Got Back?

man tom--Thunder Thighs was also popular 50 years ago.

Special for Le Petomane, the rest of you, well I guess I'll let you watch, too.

I briefly misread that as somehow only her LEFT buttocks got bigger. Which would be a medical curiosity, at least.

File this under the ever-growing category "DUH".

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