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November 29, 2020


The mysterious silver monolith in the Utah desert has disappeared

(Thanks to vee and pharmaross)


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Has anyone checked The Blog's pool area?

Just asking.

Shopping for Festivus poles often requires a degree of creativity.

Oh rats!

What ape would do such a thing?

If people started calling you Mysterious Monolith, you'd disappear too.


Whether it's dead whales or monster monoliths, dynamite is always the answer!!!

The monolith was beamed aboard a passing Feringi ship. Those things are worth a lot of gold pressed Latinum.

Paging Mr. Cooper, Mr. D.B. Cooper!

We maybe should be glad it's gone. There was a 1950's movie: The Monolith Monsters, that shows what can happen when monoliths break bad.


Le Petomane, how about telling your alien friends that we Earthlings have had about all we can take this year so messing with us is not a good idea. We can probe things too, iykwim.

nursecindy---Will do! And I hope my advice takes. Not so long ago I spent 21 days in ICU in Lubbock, Texas getting a valve job on my heart. I know full well about probing. Trust me, I surrender easy as the french nowadays.

Le Pet, did they replace the rings and gasket while they were under the hood?
I hope you got the warranty in writing and that you remain with us for a long, long time.

Le Pet - we're glad you got the maintenance work done. Personally, I think I may need a head gasket replaced.

Is this where Walter has been hiding?

Le Pet: In Vegas, I've heard that a "valve job" costs $150, plus cab fare. Hope you're not going to be beamed aboard the garbage scow anytime quickly!

Sasquatches were observed dancing around it, and then it was gone.

It looks like a subway stop marker. Clearly the installation team got way ahead of the rest of the project and had to backtrack to save face.

MOTW and others--The valve job and bypasses worked out really well. Never knew I had any heart problems. My local sawbones thought I needed a calcium CAT scan and the roof fell in. 98% blockage in follow up angiogram. No chest pain, just tired a lot. Then the world started spinning and it was off to the heart hospital. Really no pain, and after some recovery time, I feel far better than before. Getting preventive tests is a good idea,
Hint: If you go to a hospital, always smuggle in some salt.

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