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November 27, 2020


Brave man allows monstrous huntsman spider to live in his house for a YEAR

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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The eviction moratorium ends 1/1/21.


Get them a bowl of cottage cheese and a cushioned stool.


I think you mean Huntsman spider tolerates the home owner sharing the house

I don't know if he's insane or crazy but I'd be willing to bet that he's single.

In this case, I'd definitely be reaching for the flame-thrower.

There are rules average people follow to handle situations like this.

(1)-Check that your homeowners insurance is paid up.
(2)-Turn on a gas valve
(3)-Leave the house
(4)-10 minutes later, toss a mola--t--u---uh--something on fire trough a window
(5)-Phone insurance company
(6)-While house is burning, smash the uninjured running away spider with a big rock

Le Petomane - something similar happend in Chicago.
A woman called the fire department to report that her house was on fire.
Which it was. It burned to the ground.
The fire departent first suspected it just might be arson and insurance fraud when they they found all of her positions in the backyard, under protective tarps.


I used to frequent a now-defunct online messageboard where one Australian member said a huntsman spider often showed up in their house and they didn't mind because it was good at catching bugs. That's better than having bugs!? 😮 I can't help wondering if this brave (pronounced "crazy") person often broke their own bones because it was a good way to get cards and flowers.

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