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November 24, 2020


Carpet python trashes Gold Coast family's bathroom

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Are we sure an alligator didn't chase him out of the toilet?

I'm sure that shag carpet pythons are even worse.

No matter where you live critters can cause mayhem and destruction. A couple of retired school teachers had a cabin across the road for ours that we had in the Davis Mountains of West Texas. One morning a passing wild pig got upset by their yappy poodle barking at it through the screen door and attacked right through the screen.
It was quite a scene, dog running away from pig that was destroying everything in it's way. We got a call from two very panicked teachers who had shut themselves in a bedroom.

My experience with wild pig removal was nil, so my wife called 911 while I listened to crashing, breaking glass and poodle yaps. A few minutes later the pig ran out the door still pursuing the poodle. The ladies were fine, but a cyclone couldn't have done much more damage. They called their insurance company, the last we knew the pig/dog damage was several thousand dollars.
The poodle eventually came back rather beaten up, but OK. We never saw the pig again.

Now, I wonder if they had Farmer's Insurance.

At least the seat was down.

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