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October 16, 2020


Police say man fired shots into Memphis KFC because his order was wrong

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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"Your Honor, I didn't mean to fire, but my finger was slippery. You see, the chicken is finger-lickin' good."

Usually they have to taste the food before shooting the place up.

The new Chuck E. Cheese: KFC, Kung Fu Corral

No sir, out toast points do NOT come with a jar of KY jelly.

5* to MOTW! KFC standing for Kung Fu Corral is marvelous.
It also gives new meaning to the gubfight at KF Corral.

Wasn't there a KFC where the employee put marijuana in the drivethru takeout order when they asked for "extra biscuits"? Maybe the same KFC? Maybe why the order was so important ? Maybe alien invasion ?

Can you drive a semi through a drive-thru lane? It'd be a tight turn...

Next time, go here in Memphis...


Did he overreact? I think there's an argument that he did overreact, but I believe this will be more effective corrective action than anything that KFC could have done to ensure future orders would be correct.

Why did the aggravated daddy give chase?
Pa noticed that the shooter had a slower car and wanted to scare him back!Pa didn't even have a weapon except his pocketknife and NOBODY takes a knife to a gunfight except Steinbeck's "Pepe" character and THAT did not end well...

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