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October 31, 2020


A new study by Stanford University has found that watching TV while also scrolling social media can lead to memory loss.

(Thanks to Dave Stuff)


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If you've lost it, we've seen it. We are scrollers, da,da,da-da, da-da -da!

In a later study, Stanford researchers found people who reported engaging in multiple forms of digital media at once, such texting and browsing social media while crossing the street were run over sustaining substantial injury to their memories.

They are confusing cause and effect.


This study would not apply to us here in Geezer Acres in Roswell. We have our priorities and only two hands. Hand#1 is dedicated to holding your beverage of choice in such a manner as to avoid any possibility of spillage. Hand#2 Is available to operate a TV remote, flyswatter, hold a sandwich etc. No scrollers, strollers or whatevers. If we want to call someone we have a modern wireless flip telephone. And we are just fine, picky Stanford University scientists.

I don't use social media because I already have enough trouble following the plots for Hogan's Heroes.

This is so not true. I can scroll through social media, watch TV, and talk on the phone all at the same time without any problems at al......Oh look! Twenty things that are going to sell out before Christmas on Amazon! Gotta go.

What did you say? 😳

ok, my gramma said "Whatchamacall"

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