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October 17, 2020


Coca-Cola is discontinuing Tab after nearly 60 years

(Thanks to The Perts and vee)


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Exactly my question.

How can they discontinue a drink that was meant for beautiful people? It had real cola taste and just one calorie. Just another useless jingle that is taking up space in my brain.

Cindy, only if you define "real cola taste" as "like the tar on a newly paved road."

It was Tab’s aftertaste that stood out so much to me.

Next they'll come for Fresca.
At least I hope so

"Tab? I can't give you a tab unless you order something."

I'd give them 4.95 stars.

Bonus comment. I know there are a lot of ladies reading this who are thinking to themselves, "Tab could slip his shoes under my bed anytime."

In the day, Tab had the highest caffeine content of any soft drink...breakfast of champions!

my nephew makes speakers out of recycled soda cans. i'm going to have him make a Tab Amp, and it will be worth millions some day.

At least they had the good sense to wait until Tab Hunter passed, (as in Natalie Wood & Tab wouldn't).

Tab Hunter passed?????

Tab is gone yet Mountain Dew lives on...There just is no justice in this world.

"Old Auntie June had a brand new perfume
It had such a sweet-smelling pew
Boy was she surprised when she had it analyzed
And found out it was good ol' Mountain Dew"

(and many similar verses)

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