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October 28, 2020


Medieval English people used to pay their rent in eels

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I"m so sorry my liege, but during that bad rainstorm we had yesterday, your rent crawled out of my bag and swam away. I promise I will pay you double eels next month. Uh, my liege, you really aren't going to put me in debtors prison are you? I can't catch you any eels if you do! Uh, pretty please...I love fishing for eels...

...and people have been wriggling out of paying their rent ever since.

1 eel = 6 sardines. That's good to know if you're traveling medieval England.

I'm a few fins short this month on the rent but will make it up to you next month with some extra sand dollars.

I actually once owned an eel-skin wallet

"The village of Welles, for example, paid Ramsey Monastery 60,000 eels every year in rent."

They must have used an enormous hovercraft.

I'm guessing that eels were appropriate payment for the quality of places they were renting.

So they 'awarded' performers by slipping ells in their G-string?

Snookins--I'm fairly certain they tipped pole dancers with sardines in medieval times. They stayed in the G-string better and didn't slither off the stage.

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