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October 25, 2020


A heated debate is spreading across Twitter: What, exactly, is the best way to organize groceries on a conveyor belt?

(Thanks to The Perts)


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More proof, as if we needed it, that it doesn't matter how technologically advanced a communications platform is when there is nothing of substance to communicate.

But for the record, I sort heaviest to lightest so the heavy stuff goes in the bottom of the bags (I use reusable fabric bags so I really load them up).

Covid, so no bags, (bags are in the car). Cashiers at Aldis are super-super-fast, so heavy (cans, pasta,-hard packages) then meat + frozen, then fruit - veggies (most fragile last) then eggs, then bread. ...In retrospect, I may need a hobby.



I plan to ask the Roswell space aliens if they have a reset button for 2020. I really, really think all of us would like to go back to this date in 2019 and have a do over.

Arrange by product's country of origin Independence Day, unless there is none, in which you change to those with the biggest national dog breeds, in descending order. Or is that just me?

Numerically, by UPC code.

Cfjk is spot on with lining up and grouping your items by weight, refrigeration needs and fragility to minimize damage in transit.

I paid 100% of my college tuition working as a cashier in a grocery store 48 hours per week while carrying a full-time class schedule.

The cashier will appreciate it if UPC codes are up or facing them.

Not having matching coupon items or many expired coupons is the bane of a cashier's existence. Packing your own groceries helps ensure it's done right and speeds the line for everybody.

With the pandemic, many stores have online ordering services and curbside pickup or home delivery options.

Cherry picking specials at multiple stores and stocking up on sale items can save some coin.

You meet interesting people as
a cashier. I was interviewed by CNN reporter Robert Vito and rang up groceries for actor Chad Everett's mom, Sparky Anderson and Ted Lindsay. Plus lined up some nice dates. It's a happenin' place.

As long as they don't put a gallon of milk on a loaf of bread. But temperature and weight are the only two categories that make sense.

Great. Now we'll have uinons representing canned goods.

I should think the best way would be to stop it. Then look over everything and sort it out. I feel like most of the mistakes get made because the damn thing keeps going. Think Lucille Ball in the candy factory.

DO NOT BAG a gallon jug of milk. It has a handle.

Thank you.

I think Le Petomane has a good point. I know I wouldn't have wasted good money buying a worthless 2020 day planner.

Alphabetically by brand name...

As for unloading on the conveyor - I agree with the consensus.

Then I bag them according to where they will go at home - one bag for frozen stuff, another for fresh produce, cheese and lunchmeat are the same drawer in the fridge, so they get there own bag, and so forth. Makes my wife impatient. Can't say that I blame her.

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