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October 17, 2020


Florida janitor turns heads with leaf blower-powered vehicle

(Thanks to pharmaross and John Lobert)


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The heck with jetpacks. Alert the Nobel Committee.

Sure. If he's a janitor, I'm The Pope.

Could a sequel to Mary Poppins until he starts using the leaf blower to clean chimneys.


For some reason I really, really want to do this. Unfortunately all I have is an electric leaf blower and I don't think my extension cord is long enough.

Appears to be a Perpetual Motion machine. But all I know about physics is from Watch Mr. Wizard.

What we'll all be driving after the California gas mileage rules kick in.

Nice photoshop (or whatever) job, but that is impossible.

Newton would be really surprised that someone violated his Laws of Motion.

Florida Guy In Action

For safety & comfort, you just can't beat a vehicle with bucket seats.

Wile E. Coyote would be jealous.

Driving in the rain would be tricky.

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