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October 27, 2020


8:49 a.m. A man in the alley wearing a robe and what looked like a shower cap on his head seemed out of place.

(Thanks to Stan Ruth)


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Or out of mind

"Picky Pig" WBAGNFA square dance band or a barbeque restaurant.

I don't know what happened officer. The last thing I remember is I was about to take a shower & was looking for the bath salts.

...But on a soap box, asking for votes, not so out of place at all.

12:34 p.m. A woman lost her knife in a grocery store bathroom.

NEVER bring a knife to a bathroom bowel brawl.

8:49a.m. A man in the alley wearing a robe and what looked like a shower cap on his head looked out of place.

--From the diary of Joe Friday:
After many detours Frank and I were headed once again for Florida. We spent the night in a cheap motel in Kalispel, Montana when we were called on by local law enforcement to assist them.
It seems they were having trouble with a man wearing a robe, galoshes and a shower cap on his head bugging people to become, "Friends of Venus."

We had worked in Los Angeles, so people like this guy were commonplace. We easily located him in his favorite alley, preaching to some cats. He welcomed us warmly and offered us some of the can of tuna he was feeding the cat's. We smiled but declined his kind offer.

He said his name was Exidor and claimed to be an incarnation of Exidor who was on Mork and Mindy, a TV show we remembered. He said he was on his way to accept the job of Emperor of the Galaxy but was tarrying in Flathead County because they wanted to make a wax model of him and it would hurt until the wax cooled.

Frank and I enjoyed Exidor's company and invited him to ride with us to Florida. He tossed the open can of tuna to the cats and happily jumped in the back seat of our patrol car. Frank turned on the lights and siren and we were off to Florida, satisfied that we had done our part to assist the Flathead County law.

Maybe that was 'George'.

I saw Uncle John with bald-haired Sally,
He saw Aunt Mary coming and he ducked back in the alley,
Oh baby, Ooh baby, Oh baby,
Having me some fun tonight.

Another wooden nickel to Le Petomane!

(Over to you, MOTW.)

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