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October 19, 2020


Florida woman keeps telling police her name is "My butt just farted" during arrest

Here's What Makes This a Quintessential Florida Story: ...she had her last name tattooed on her back...

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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It was the pants!!


She should have just blamed her imaginary dog that, of course, was a farthound.
"My invisible farthound just farted." would have been more entertaining to the police and maybe gotten her a ride straight to a mental hospital rather than going to jail first. Having her last name tattooed on her back would speed the admission paperwork.

In whose general direction?

Melinda Guerrero ==>
Endure Rigmarole
Rile our Gendarme
Lie/Rumor Grenade
Ringleader or Emu

I have rarely seen a name with so many possible anagrams: over 166,000.

Rare eroding mule
Loud, rare regimen
Rare morn, I deluge
Em, our rare dingle
Rare girdle on emu

I saw Rare Eroding Mule open for America.

When putting on the handcuffs, the police were carefull not to pull her finger.

She should have said "my name is Freda".

When they ask "Freda what?" say "Go."

"You are Freda Go?"

"Why thank you, officer, have a good day."

Which name, Melinda Guerrero or My Butt Just Farted?

It’s 2020. Is that replacing the little “I voted” sticker?

The methane she produced was the real crime.

So... Her parents were rock stars ?

MOTW--There actually used to be wild rare eroding
mules in the southern New Mexico mountains. No one ever explained the eroding part, but it has been a long time since anyone has seen one. Maybe that's because they eroded?

I saw Rare Girdle on Emu open for Madonna.

Farting is the new in.

"Police believe she may have been under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol during the incident."
Ya think?

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