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October 27, 2020


Leonard Shoulders, 33, was waiting for a bus on Third Ave. near E. 183rd St. in Belmont Saturday afternoon when the concrete sidewalk suddenly cracked open and swallowed him.

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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Ratman, Ratman, Ratman
Da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da

No doubt he was hoping he'd break his mother's back when he stepped on that crack, but it looks like Mom has the last laugh.

My favorite part was, his brother said that he was lying there unable to move with rats all over him.

Coming soon to SyFy: Ratnado!


If that doesn't get you to return the stolen Pompeii artifacts, nothing will.

The CHUDs got him.

Wasn't this how the movie "Drag Me To Hell" opened?

I grew up in coal mining country and mine subsidences were a part of the landscape. The most famous one in town occurred when Bernice, my best friend's sister, was walking by Gene's Sweet Shop and the ground gave way, swallowing up both the candy store and Bernice. Bernice, fortunately, only went in to her waist. The shop was so damaged it was removed, and there went a big piece of childhood.

The moral here is, never stiff a Gypsy fortune teller.

After that nightmare, I predict that guy will need therapy or drugs for the rest of his life, not necessarily in that order.

MOTW-- You make a good point. I have known psychologists who, for only $250 an hour, help this poor man recover from such terrible trauma. And it would only take 3 to 5 years or until his insurance runs out.

Maybe booze might be a cheaper solution after all. Is it happy hour yet?

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