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October 17, 2020


Vengeful IKEA customers name road near store ‘I’m Missing a Screw Street’

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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The Spanish town is also using the same street name for the thoroughfare of their Red Light District during the corona lockdown.

How about " I forgot the Balt County Virtual School Board Meeting Was Tonight ' Street... ?

Thought for the day: When you buy bedding at Ikea, you really have to make your bed.

5* SNORK to pharmaross! Good one.... Now I have to get a towel, a fresh beer and hope my keyboard survived.

How to scam IKEA:
1. Get a hold of some assembly instructions, for a table, let’s say.
2. Call IKEA customer support that you’re missing item 6-a. They will send you a replacement.
3. Next day call that you are missing item 2-s
4. Repeat for the next 59 days, and Boom! You have a brand new table.

There should be a Tom Brady "Is It Fourth Down?" street.

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