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October 16, 2020


Woman Rescued From 10ft Python's 'Vice-Like' Grip After Finding Snake in Her Garage

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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What I immediately thought of upon seeing the phrase "vice-like."

Dave threw us a curve ball with the caption question. Given that it involved a python, which is non-venomous, I figured the story had to be from Florida.

Has anyone seen her cat after this incident?

I'm with Le Pet. That cat is not long for this world if its going to take on 10 ft pythons

Ssspoken like a true Aussie: "If I had a friend over I could've sorted it."

Has anyone told Carl Hiassen?

That's not an ankle warmer, THIS is an ankle warmer! So, was she looking for a large python in her garage because that's where she lost it?

https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/o-h-mfg-frog-grabber?dclid=CKaItIrnuewCFUJfDQodfCwAgg#repChildCatid=19415?utm_content=criteortg&utm_term=og.criteo&ogmap=DIS|RTG|CR|ACQ|LAL|||Criteo_RTG_ACQ_SitePurchaseVisit|Criteo_RTG_ACQ_SitePurchaseVisit||| $17 for a frog grabber, but will it work on snakes?

"...the woman calmly picked the creature up, before releasing it into some bushes." They're handy to have around for rat control.

Since she was wearing only flip-flops, the Carpet Python was probably not the biggest hazard.


HMM...what happens when one's spouse finds out that the pythons you're breeding for the zoo...have no purchasers because the zoos have all they want?
Not the same as releasing a mongrel sleep-disturber five blocks away to see if he/she is really like "Lassie-Come-Home!

Anyone else vaguely confused by the headline? I first thought there were 2 snakes--the one in the garage and the python vice-like-ly gripping the poor woman.

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