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October 03, 2020

FOR JUST $1,900

Tiny Rubik’s Cube goes on sale in Japan for anniversary

(Thanks to John Lobert, who says "I know a deal when I see one.")


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I'll pass. Many years ago when in college I bought a Rubik's Cube. I got so frustrated trying to solve the stupid thing, I eventually tossed it in the trash in my dorm room. The janitor came by later to take out the trash, grabbed up that blasted cube and said, "these things are fun," and solved it in less than a minute.
I still hate Rubik's Cubes.

I'd never be able to peel the stickers off that. Moving these around on a regular Rubik's Cube is the only way I was able to solve one.


I'm proud to say I've never attempted to solve ONE. I'll stick with SUDOKU.

by Frank Jacobs for MAD Magazine

Last week I brought home Rubik’s Cube
To test my skill against its might;
“Behold,” I said, “this silly toy –
“This plastic puzzle kids enjoy –
“I’ll solve it in a night!”

The night fled by, the dawn arrived;
The cube, unsolved, in disarray,
Rebuffed, each hopeless turn and twist
Brought aching to my hand and wrist,
As I worked through the day.

At last one side I lined up orange;
This seemed, at first, a great success,
But, lo, it brought me little cheer;
The other five remained, I fear,
A multi-colored mess.

Two days flew past, then three and four;
My work, neglected, went undone;
Though green lined up in columns true,
How come the red was mixed with blue?
Does Rubik call this fun?

A thousand times the cube I turned,
My fingers gripped around its parts,
Until, at last, the truth set in;
I didn’t lack the will to win –
I simply lacked the smarts.

“No more,” I said to Rubik’s Cube,
“Shall you enslave me in your power”;
Thus liberated from its hold,
I gave it to an eight-year-old
Who solved it in an hour.

You can't solve it by trial and error or logic. Instead, there is a "cookbook" series of identical moves that all speed cubers (as they are called) have memorized.

The current record for solving it? 4.22 seconds.

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