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October 27, 2020


Vampire bats socially distance when they fall ill

(Thanks to Rod Nunley)


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The root cause of illness to Vampire Bats is the lack of plexiglass barriers when dining outside their cave. And it's Ozzy's fault.

When it comes to bats, Ozzy is head & shoulders ahead of all of us.

The solution.


I'm E what up And I'm MC squared,
We came to rhyme and we came prepared
Yo I like this beat that you're given me,
Now tell me the theory of relativity
E stands for energy, sucker fool It’s not measured in watts bitch, it’s measured in joules
Listen up class, the M is for mass And if you don’t like it you can kiss my ass
The C stands for the speed of light in a vacuum so back up hoes and give me some room
An invariant mass requires rest energy without a hitch
We made Newton’s second law that appears in a nonrelativistic classical mechanics sitch, biotch

Individually Distanced Vampire Bat Hoe opened for Joplin.

The bats are fighting fang and nail to prevent the spread of Covid.

Explains Rudy's continued health.

These are fruit bats, not vampire bats. The bats are not social distancing; the goth music adds to the mood. Some of these bats definitely have some moves. (Note that the bats are all hanging upside down.)

Goth Bat Dance Party!

They're more intelligent than certain other carbon-based species.

man tom--Let us not overlook Newton's great contribution to foodies when he invented those great tasting fig Newton bars that are being sold to this day.

Well, they have to keep apart, it's hard to keep those little masks on when you're flying.

@man tom - You wrote that?!?!

@Le Petomane - I think it is proof of Newton's genius that he branched out into figs instead of remaining stuck in an apple rut. As Emerson says, "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds."

@Mad Hatter - no, but my scrawl of The Star Spangled Banner should not be overlooked.

Speaking of vampires (just for the halibut):

"I vant a ghoul just like the ghoul that buried dear ol' Vlad
He was a fool but the only ghoul that Vlad-y ever had!
a real old fashioned ghoul with heart so cruel
he turned Vlad into a tasty gruel
I vant a ghoul just like the ghoul that buried dear old Vlad!"

(Coffin lid closes)

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