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October 26, 2020


Florida driving school suspended after giving out correct exam answers

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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What is really bad, is that I am sure there were still those that failed.


I didn't know Florida had any driving test. I thought anyone could drive.

Well, it seems like it.

Of course they gave out correct answers. It's not like the test takers were going to get any of them right.

What... does... a... yellow... light... mean?

@wanderer - thanks, somehow I missed this episode. Funny.

It's known as teaching the test and is a very effective way of learning things correctly, but it doesn't mean they know how to drive.

Who wouldn't want the answers to those really tough ones, like: " Which blinker do you put on when you want to turn right ? "

a) Left blinker
b) Right blinker
c) Montpelier
d) I don't know.

I thought there were no drivers tests given in Florida. If the exam was only one multiple choice question such as:

"The color of an iguana is?"
C--Banana fizzler
D- Always turn left or right at the fork in the road
E--Left turn signal always on
F--None of the above

If the questions were this difficult, there would be very few Florida divers license's issued, or so I was told by a friend who once rode a bus through Miami.


I bet the school was more concerned about the student's self esteem which can take a hit when failing a test. What's more important, your life or theirs ?

Snorks to Clankie and Le Pet!

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