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October 16, 2020


A Profanity Filter Banned the Word 'Bone' at a Paleontology Conference

(Thanks to Jim Kenaston, Mad Hatter, Geoff, Le Petomane and Catherine DeLorey)


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I guess Dr. Willy Dick Johnson won't be speaking again this year.

Sounds like their only recourse would be to reconvene at the bar.

The rubber chicken was served on bone china plates.

"I wish to thank everyone for attending this conference.
I am Dr. Frank...uh, just call me Dr. Frank B.
Due to some strange changes to our guidelines my lecture will be somewhat different, but we shall muddle on. In this slide you will note in this discovery of a neanderthal skeleton,where the osseous tissue that support the legs joins the hipple area to the backel thingie---I quit! This conference is crap. Where's the bar?"

"Say, there colleague, is that a neolithic osseous structure or are you just happy to see me?"


I had a similar problem a few years ago on a lakes forum. I was attempting to comment on nuisance aquatic weed removal with a small dredge, but the post was not accepted because I used the word "sucks." The moderator agreed that my use of the word was perfectly proper under the circumstances, but he wouldn't change the settings because it was "a family site."

I don't know whose family has never heard the word "sucks," and the forum is full of personal attacks, but that word still does not appear there.

Ralph--I would say that what truly sucked in your case was the monitor.
I once had an article flagged as being obscene. I wrote it on on an arsonist who was identified by police when he repeatedly returned to the scene of his fires and covertly masturbated. I changed the banned but medically accurate word to "pleasured himself" and all was well with the censors.


Ralph and Le Pet - It has long been my observation that people who are offended by a particular word already know the meaning of the word.

This would seem to make them offended by knowledge they already possess. Thus their outrage would seem to crawl right back up their own nether regions.

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