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October 12, 2020


Anonymous prank bench plaques re-installed by city after public outcry

One reads: "Benjy, the first hamster to fly solo around the world, took off from this spot in April 1937."

(Thanks to Ralph)


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A fitting tribute on Indigenous Hamsters Day.

Those anonymous prank bench plaques read much like CNN's Home Page at any given time during the day every day.

Where did Benjy T. Hamster land? Now we have to know, Dave!

We once had a very official looking brass plaque on the front of our house that read: "On this spot in 1897, nothing happened."

It lasted about a week to be replaced with a cardboard sign: "On this spot in 2003, someone stole a brass plaque."

I know a number of folks in Calgary. Trust me, this indeed is their collective personality. They're just weird.

Honor the turtle with a D.C. statue albeit temporary.

I've seen flying squirrels, but never a flying hamster.

Does even the thought of a flying squirrel terrify you?

Rocket J. Squirrel had no comment.

David Thompson, fur trader & explorer of Flathead County.

"Benjay, the first hamster to fly solo around the world after being shot out of a cannon in 1937,crashed into Flathead Lake and was promptly eaten by the lake monster."

The actual plaque has not yet been placed, but it is in the planning stage.

Facebook has 'fact-checked' these plaques and has declared them to be FALSE.

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