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October 28, 2020


A US Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt accidentally dropped a training weapon on Korea, and no one knows where it went

(Thanks to Steve K.)


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Last sentence: "The weapon makes a loud "BRRRRT" sound when fired." As do many of this Blog's readers.

Korea only had one training bomb dropped on them. Florida was the first to be bombed and they got 3 when a bird collided with a flying Warthog over that state. No one knows where they landed either.

We put GPS trackers on cars, trucks,cows etc. One wonders why the military never puts a GPS on training bombs. It might be a good idea?

When it's found, consult the experts.

I bet it went to Korea.

They are training people how to run away and hide from wherever Warthogs are operating, which is generally a good policy.

It's always in the last place you look.

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Thanks for the link wanderer2575. I love Bob Newhart and that's one of my favorite bits by him.
When my dad was stationed at Eglin AFB in Florida a bomb rolled off a plane while it was on the base runway. My mom talked about it for years but the day it happened all of us kids were just excited because we got a 1/2 day off from school. We weren't the sharpest knives in the drawer.


I had an uncle who was in the Air Force SAC. He told a story that in 1961 a B-52 accidentally dropped a nuclear bomb in a field near Goldsboro, N.C. That caused much concern.
Here is a link of the time we almost nuked ourselves.


Maybe it hit the only guy in the area who could have reported it.

It went " boom ", most likely.

Rod--That was my first thought, too.

Or possibly it was a nuclear bomb and they found it right away, but didn't want to admit losing one of those again and just told the press they couldn't find it?.
That atomic bomb they lost in North Carolina in 1961 caused a an awful lot of 'interesting' publicity.

Le Pet - Fortunately Warthogs do "close combat support" (they kill tanks) and are not rigged to carry nukes.

Is there a reward? asking for a friend

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