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October 29, 2020


Cow caught chewing on a large python in outback northern Australia

(Thanks to John Lobert and Ralph)


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Maybe the Everglades should have a large herd of cows introduced to control the invasive species problem

What could go wrong?

Eat mor pythn.

"Grain-fed" and "grass-fed" are so yesterday. The newest thing for snobby foodies will be "python-fed."


I'll be impressed when they start going after the crocs.

Milk cow with a mohawk... You won't call her " Elsie " ever again.

Great! Now even the cows in Australia are morphing into carnivorous, likely venomous beasts. It will only be a matter of time until they become like the Black Beasts of Caebannog Cave which contains killer rabbits and The Black Beast of Arrrghhh (named for the last words uttered by anyone who saw it).
Perhaps we should enjoy our steaks and hamburgers before the source of our beef turns against us.

Ever since her experience of being hoisted off the trampoline she been exhibiting increasingly uncharacteristic behaviors whenever there's a full moon.

Think that I'll pass on that milk shake. Thanks anyway. 😜

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