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October 31, 2020


Scientists find Madagascar chameleon last seen 100 years ago

(Thanks to The Perts and Steve K., who says "She hasn't aged a bit.")

Huge spider assumed extinct in Britain discovered on MoD training site

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins, who says "That thing belongs in Australia.")


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I don't understand why the scientists are having such a problem, I've seen her several times. She's almost always just to the right of Waldo.

Voeltzkow’s Chameleon opened for Beethoven.

Unfortunately, the spider ate the chameleon

Of course they never saw her. She's a chameleon. She blended into the surroundings. That's what chameleons do.

Danish spiders sounds like it should be a tasty pastry.


Trying to bring back-thought to be extinct-giant 8-eyed venomous hairy spiders is not a good idea. Remember how well extracting dinosaur blood from an amber encased mosquito and using the DNA to bring back dinosaurs then place them in an amusement park island turned out?

Extinction is not always a bad move.

Still hiding: Spiny Norman.

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